What is Tkinter ?

What is Tkinter ?

Tkinter is a standard GUI Library for Python.
The name Tkinter comes from Tk interface.
It is a module which is used to create GUI applications.
It is free software.
It provides powerful object-oriented interface to Tk GUI toolkit.
It consists of number of widget classes.
Tkinter module contains low-level interface to Tk

Tk provides various widgets.

List of widgets

RadiobuttonScaleScrollbars or sliders

Tk provides Layout Managers to change look and feel of GUI.
Layout managers are also called as Geometry Managers.

List of Layout / Geometry Managers

1. pack() : It is used to pack widgets into a cavity before they appear into parent window
2. grid() : It is used to organize widget into table-like structure or grid in parent window.
3. place() : It is used to organize widget into parent window at specific position or absolute locations

Note: These 3 layout managers can never be used together in same parent widnow

Author : ITVoyagers (itvoyagers.in)

Date :12th March, 2020

Description : Simple Program to generate parent window
from tkinter import *
root=Tk() #here root is object of Tk class
"""mainloop() is an infinite loop used to run the application,
wait for an event to occur and process the event as long as the window is not closed."""

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