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What is APU Accelerated Processing Unit ?

APU also known as fusion is a microprocessor from AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) Inc. If we want to put it in simple words then we can say that APU is CPU which has an integrated GUP

Embedding CPU and GPU on the same die was not an unique idea but APU did help in improving gaming experience with increase in frame rate and resolution.

Intel also has its own integrated GPU but they don’t have Heterogeneous System Architecture (HSA) support.

AMD developed its first generation APU in 2011, “Llano” for high-performance and “Brazos” for low-power devices.

World’s best consoles like Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft’s XBOX both use semi-custom third generation low-power APUs.

Current generation of APU


Credits : amd.com

Currently the 7th generation of AMD’s APU are available in the market click here to view a list.


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