Best post:Dimensions, Anchors, Bitmaps & Cursors in Python

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Dimensions, Anchors, Bitmaps and Cursors are standard attributes and properties of widgets in tkinter. There are few other standard attributes and properties of widgets explained earlier like: Fonts Colours Relief Styles Refer post : Fonts Names, Font Descriptors, System Fonts, Text formatting, Borders, Relief Styles in Python Events and Bindings in Python along with Widget … Read more

Best post on Menu and Menubutton Widget of tkinter

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Menu and Menubutton widgets are used to give drop down menu from which user can select one according to the need.
Menus in GUIs are presented with a combination of text and symbols to represent the choices.
Every menubutton is associated with a Menu widget that can display the choices for that menubutton when the user clicks on it.