List Tag with its attributes Ordered List 1. Ordered list start with <ol> tag and ends with </ol>. 2. All the items in this list are enclosed in <li> and </li> tags. 3. By default items in this list will get numbers as a markers. 4. We can change markers using attributes. Unordered List Unordered list start with <ul> tag and ends with … Read more

Python program for Matrix Addition

Python program to add two matrix. It’s a basic program which help student to understand the working of nested loop in much better way. # Program to add two matrices using nested loop # Author : ITVoyagers Website : itv = [[1,17,13], [40 ,15,60], [70 ,18,59]] itv1 = [[50,28,15], [65,74,31], [44,55,96]] # Author : … Read more

Linked List Operations

Linked List Operations Program gives you more detailed explanation on operations of linked list. It will help students to understand the concepts of linked list and its working. It will help beginners to understand the concepts of inked list. Operations we have performed are: Prepend Insert from tail Search a value Delete from head Delete … Read more