List Tag with its attributes Ordered List 1. Ordered list start with <ol> tag and ends with </ol>. 2. All the items in this list are enclosed in <li> and </li> tags. 3. By default items in this list will get numbers as a markers. 4. We can change markers using attributes. Unordered List Unordered list start with <ul> tag and ends with … Read more

Python program for Matrix Addition

Python program to add two matrix. It’s a basic program which help student to understand the working of nested loop in much better way. # Program to add two matrices using nested loop # Author : ITVoyagers Website : itv = [[1,17,13], [40 ,15,60], [70 ,18,59]] itv1 = [[50,28,15], [65,74,31], [44,55,96]] # Author : … Read more