Python program for binary search

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Python program for binary search

The binary search algorithm for a sorted sequence produced a slight improvement over the linear search with an unsorted sequence, but both have a linear time complexity in the worst case.
It is used to search the number in array.

Following program will help university students and beginners to understand the concepts and working of Binary search.

Author : ITVoyagers (

Date :5th December 2019

Description : Python program for binary search
def binarysearch(list1, value):
    first = 0
    last = len(list1)-1
    found = False
    while first<=last and not found:
        mid = (first + last)//2
        if list1[mid] == value:
            found = True
            if value < list1[mid]:
                last = mid-1
                first = mid+1
    return found


>>> binarysearch([2,4,6,8,10],10)
>>> binarysearch([2,4,6,8,10],11)

Note : Please note that above program is compatible with Python 3 or higher version.

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