Python Programming (Basics) – Type Conversion

type conversion

Type Conversion in Python Data type are of different types like integer,string,float etc. Type conversion means converting one data type to another data type. To convert between types, use the name of a function. Built-in functions which performs type conversion For other python basics related posts: For other advanced python related posts:

Python – Variables, Values, Types & Keywords.


Variables, Values, Types & Keywords in python Values A value can be a number, letter, word etc. It can be of any data type like int, string, float etc. eg: 100,20.20,”itvoyagers” >>> a=”itvoyagers” >>> a ‘itvoyagers’ >>> b=5 >>> b 5 >>> c=50.5 >>> c 50.5 >>> NOTE : In Python it is not necessary … Read more

Python Programming (Basics)- Debugging & Types of errors

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Debugging and Types of errors in Python Debugging Errors occurring in programming are called as bugs.The process of tracking this bugs is called as debugging. There are three types of errors that can occur while coding : Syntax Error, Runtime Error and Semantic Error. Syntax Error The syntax is a defined structure or set of … Read more

Python Programming (Basics) – History & Features

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History and Features of Python History Python was developed by Guido van Rossum. It was named Python after the BBC show ” Monty Python’s Flying Circus”.The first version on Python was released in 1991 which included high level datatypes,exception handling etc.Python 1.0 was released in February 1994 ,this included lambda,map,filter and reduce.Python 2.0 was released … Read more